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Discover Neptune Oak Furniture

Oak is not only the most common tree in the UK, but makes some of the most beautiful timber. The trees only produce acorns once they are 40 years old and the tree only stops growing once it’s 120 years old, so imagine how long the furniture lasts!

Held in high regard by cultures across Europe, the tree is associated with the gods of lightning and thunder because, thanks to often being the tallest tree in a landscape, they are most likely to attract lightning bolts.

As the best known and most well-loved of our native trees, what better furniture to have in your home than oak?

For centuries, it has been a national symbol of strength and endurance, and many couples were married under ancient oaks in the 1660s. As one of the hardest and most durable timbers on the planet, it is perfect for constructing furniture, although it’s best when the wood is 150 years old.

A modern version of the retro look.

At Sylvan 4 Furniture, we have many beautiful oak furniture collections, including our Neptune Oak Furniture range which features Scandinavian-style pieces. Combining modernity with traditional features, this furniture is seriously stylish and ideal for anybody who loves the Nordic look.

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