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FAQ. Does my delivery charge include unboxing the item and taking it to the room of my choice?

ANS. Yes, where possible, if it is our own drivers we always unbox the items in our warehouse where they are fully checked over and if assembly is required i'e attaching legs to a table we will do this in your home, taking all packaging away. If for any reason we employ a third party for delivery and so are unable to offer this service we will advise you before delivery

FAQ. Can you match the colour of my new furniture to my existing furniture.

ANS. Yes,because we have our own in house spraying facility we can offer a colour matching service, in general it adds between 10 to 15% to the price depending upon the size of the order and number of layers required to achieve the colour.

FAQ. Can you change the size of your furniture.

ANS. Yes, because we are cabinet makers, although most of the furniture we have on display is imported from Vietnam due to the cheaper labour force we can make additional items ourselves to your own specifications, in general it works out 20 to 30% more expensive than the pre made version.