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Do you love walnut wood and like the idea of having a kitchen which uses this material?

The rich and warm colour of walnut is deployed to stunning effect with Monarch Walnut Kitchens. Ideal for homeowners who prefer darker woods, this brand of furniture will create a space which is sophisticated, modern and alluring.

Monarch Walnut kitchens are just one of the many brands we have at Sylvan 4 Furniture.

At Sylvan 4 Furniture, our team can help you find the perfect style, colour and layout for a kitchen that ticks all the right boxes.

Our craftsmanship, customer service and personalised touches are second to none. Whatever style of wooden kitchen you’re after, Sylvan 4 Furniture will create the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle.

We’ll balance your desired look and style with functional layouts and the most aesthetically pleasing features.

Our kitchens will be a true testament to your individuality with your taste reflected in everything from the door handles to the accessories. Everything is of the finest quality, including the fittings, accessories, styles and finishes.

Find out more about Monarch Walnut Kitchens.

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